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Casablanca Auto-Sanitized Protect Pillow (NP100PLB15)

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Casablanca Auto-Sanitized Protect Pillow (NP100PLB15)


The technology of Self Clean can accelerate the degradation of microorganism such as harmful bacteria in presence of light or sunlight, while also prevent the growing of microorganisms and help deodorizing unpleasant odors.

Dirt Decomposition

Help fading stains caused by sweat, mud, and also sebum secreted from body in particular, which consists of oil and protein, and cannot be easily removed by washing.

Harmless and Eco-friendly

Self Clean kills bacteria by simply being exposed to sunlight or natural light, and is harmless to human health and environment. Function of Self Clean does not lessen by daily use and washing because it is naturally activated under light.

Hydrophobic and breathable

Moisture and sweat can be removed fast to keep a pleasantly dry environment.
More Information
Type Pillow
Brand Casablanca
Size 15.5" x 23.5"
Fabric Latex
Functional Yes
SleepTech Yes