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CASA-V Wool Pillow (VP100PWO19)

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CASA-V Wool Pillow (VP100PWO19)

(Warmth-keeping with the sense of soft and soothing)
Filling with 100% pure wool and breathable fiber, CASA-V Wool Pillow performs the best function of warmth-keeping for the head and cervical spine by the design of nano porous structure, which helps keeping the heat from human body the whole night without sultriness. With the characteristics of high elasticity, fluffiness and smoothness of natural wool, the pillow offers you the great sense of comfort ability and softness. Also, deformation and feather-leaking are prevented by the special feather-proof design even for long-term use of product.
More Information
Type Pillow
Retail Price HKD499.00
Brand CASA-V
Size 18" x 28"
Fabric Wool
Functional Yes
SleepTech No