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Sicili 900 Threads Velvet Sun Series (TW008)

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Velvet Sun Series

With regenerated cellulose fiber derived from wood pulp, adding into pure cotton in exquisite proportion, the innovated fabric with the unique brushed surface of fluffs provides instant warmth and temperature adjustment, while it is breathable and fluffy, allowing a complete enjoyable relaxation in warmth for deeper sleep. The green use of eco-friendly sizing agent to replace PVA in weaving, protects the environment with less pollution, while also offers the extraordinary soft touch.

- Soft Brushed Surface: The unique brushed surface of fluffs on fabric give a complete experience of soft, delicate and comfortable sleep.

- Instantaneous Warmth: Adjustment of warmer temperature for a quicker deep sleep in every winter night.

- Breathable sleep: The instant warmth of the brushed surface still reserves the excellent breathability and eliminates sultriness.

- Strong durability: the regenerated cellulose fiber adding cotton produce lesser lint than other fabric.

- Eco-friendly and Green: Using the eco-friendly sizing agent to replace the non-degradable PVA for greener weaving, reduces the environmental pollution for a better earth.
More Information
Type Bedding Series
Brand Casa Calvin
Colour Blue
Shell Velvet Sun
Theme Scrolled Grass Pattern