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Casablanca Latex Pillow (NP100PLP24)

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Casablanca Latex Pillow (NP100PLP24)

Ergonomic contour designed, the Latex pillow offers optimal support to cervical spine and corrects the natural curve of the neck. With its plush and soft nature combing the air zoning holes, it allows a more breathable and reactive experience by transporting the excess heat and moisture from the pillow, while also relieving tension of the muscles near the cervical spine and prevent extreme neck positions, giving you the comprehensive improvement of sleep quality.

Ergonomic contour: the contour designed of gentle slopes of the pillow, aligns correctly and protects the natural curve of the cervical spine for a deeper sleep.

Plush and Soft: the natural resilience of latex reactively adjusts according to the natural curve of cervical spine, relieving stress and tension of the neck.

Breathable design: the air zoning holes allow a better air flow for transporting the excess heat and moisture of human body from the pillow.

Healthy and Ecologic: Latex is derived from sustainable rubber trees that guarantees its safeness and harmlessness.
More Information
Type Pillow
Retail Price HKD899.00
Brand Casablanca
Size 16" x 24"
Fabric Latex
Functional No
SleepTech No