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My Hero Academia Vivid Print Series (MH002)

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My Hero Academia Vivid Print Series (MH002)

Casablanca launches the first "My Hero Academia" collaborated series in Hong Kong! Using 100% Polyester of exclusive "Vivid Print" material, it brings out outstanding pattern with long-lasting colors that highlight the liveness of characters. Nature of high durability with good elasticity in the series promise easy-care and guarantee non-deformations and no shrinkage, that perfectly interpreting and retaining the charm of every dynamic characters in "My Hero Academia".

1. Smooth and bright: smooth touch with its best characteristic of long-lasting colors.

2. Highly Durable: Naturally wrinkles-resistant and always look new through years of using.

3. Easy-care: Nothing says easy-care like polyester. It guarantees washer/dryer safe with the feature of non-deforming and no shrinkage.
More Information
Type Bedding Set (Pillow Case + Fitted Sheet + Quilt Cover)
Brand Casablanca
Colour Orange
Shell Vivid Print
Theme Cartoon