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Massa Basic 780 Threads Cotton Series (CB729)

*Pattern placement on the final product may slightly vary due to random cut of the fabric. The product image is for reference only. The actual product may vary.

低至 $399.00 原價 $539.00
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Cotton Series

Using 100% refined natural cotton, the series gives an unforgettable comfiness and breathability with zero irritation to skin, giving the best sensation of softness. Using only 100% natural pure cotton, it gives smoother sensation without causing irritation to skin

1.The excellent absorbency and breathability offers a softer touch
2.With its nature of high absorbency and breathability, it offers a smoother touch with feature of anti-static.
3.Colors in fabric are more vivid and outstanding by using the reactive printing technique.
4.The nature of anti-alkaline in cotton gives more durability wash after wash for a longer product life.
產品類型 被袋+床笠+枕袋 寢具套裝
Brand Casablanca
填充物 純棉
Theme 幾何