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Dolce Sogno The Icelandic Eiderdown Quilt (NP000EDQ)

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Dolce Sogno The Icelandic Eiderdown Quilt (NP000EDQ)

The rarest luxury of sleep from Iceland

- Only around 2,000 kilos of Eiderdown is available each year from the Eider duck in North Atlantic Ocean.

- Naturally collected by hand, and has been recognized by the strict quality standard of the Icelandic Government.

- Plucked by the female Eider Duck in the breeding season, the down used for feathering the nest will only be harvested in abandoned nests by local professionals.

- Harvested by up to 42 deserted nests for completing the precious quilt.

Superior quality for luxurious sleep

- Its natural fluffiness gives the exceptional breathability and unique spongy sensations.

- The micro-hook structure of eiderdown strongly intertwined as zipper-like branches, creating countless tiny air pockets for optimal insulation.

- The 100% pure silk jacquard fabric maintains the moisture balance of the skin.

Quality Production Certification

The Premium Down Series of Dolce Sogno are all “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” certificated which proves no harmful substances are contained in fabric; also certificated with EN 12935 from Europe in order to guarantee the hygiene and cleanliness of feather.
More Information
Type Quilt
Brand Dolce Sogno
Fabric Icelandic Eiderdown