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Casa Calvin 90% Poland Comfort Down Quilt (NP000PD9)

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Casa Calvin 90% Poland Comfort Down Quilt (NP000PD9)

Using the refined Duck Down from Poland - the high-latitude country - where the ducks are grown in cold climate and pollution-less ecological environment, the down are grown healthier and fuller for a superior sleep experience of warmth and fluffiness. The Polish Down can effectively preserve the warm air inside while blocking the flow of cold air outside, offering an extraordinary and constant warm environment with light-weight and breathable feelings.

- Plumper and Fluffier Down Cluster
Ducks grown and bred in Poland have healthier and larger down clusters for better protection in cold climate. Therefore, the Down imported from Poland provides a warmer and spongier sensations with high-elastic feature, performing better insulation during cold weather.

- Down Clusters from Poland’s Pollution-less and Cleaner Environment
Poland has a superior geographical environment, and attaches great importance to ecological conservation. With 1/3 areas in country are forest, also most of the lands are used for farming, Poland offers a better pollution-less and cleaner environment for producing duck down than other countries.

- Better moisture absorption and Breathability
Down is one of the best from many thermal insulation materials, which provides the incomparable moisture permeability, breathability and dryness. In particular, the spherical structure of down clusters from Poland has a thicker protective layer. The small triangle nodes in the fibrils of cluster gives incomparable moisture permeability by the absorption and evaporation of excess body sweat, keeping a refreshing sleeping environment at all time.

- With international established Oeko-Tex® Certification
Obtained the international established Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, the Polish Down products are guaranteed that contain zero harmful substances to human. At the same time, the certification confirmed no pollution is caused during the production process. By protecting both the user's health and ecological environment, it ensures product quality for safely use. ​
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Type Quilt
Brand Casa Calvin
Fabric Down