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Casablanca Royal Dragonfly Quilt (SQ251F2Q)

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Casablanca Royal Dragonfly Quilt (SQ251F2Q)

DuPont™ Deluxe Quilt + Summer Quilt = Royal Dragonfly Quilt for 4 seasons
Special buckle design into 2 in 1, which applicable to all seasons

Applicable to all seasons

Inspired by the overlapping and fanning characteristics of dragonfly wings, Casablanca’s new Royal Dragonfly Quilt features the special buckle design which enable to combine the autumn and summer quilt into one for extra warmth. It can also be unbuckled to adjust the perfect temperature according to seasons’ need. Altogether, its desirable softness and lightweight bring you the next level comfiness whenever winter or summer.

Lightweight and Excellent Heat Preservation

By applied the bio-based SUSTANS® eco-fiber made with DuPont™ Sorona® technology, the 3D Spiral structure in this quilt offers multiple benefits from reducing heat loss, great moisture absorption to excellent breathability; indulging you in extrodinary lightweighted comfort for sleep and a more substainable lifestyle. Besides, it allows machine-wash which gives a convenient way to provide your family in healthier and cleaner living.

International Certification

Attained the Oeko-Tex® standard 100 certification, the quilt has been tested to be free from any harmful substances to humans for protecting your health.
More Information
Type Quilt
Retail Price HKD1,399.00
Brand Casablanca
Colour Pink
Fabric Polyester