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Casablanca Magic Pillow (NP200PMP)

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Casablanca Magic Pillow (NP200PMP)

The supporting function of polyester, silk, down pillow is not strong enough. The brain is below the body level during sleep, it causes brain hyperemia and not conducive to deep sleep.

The supporting function of latex, memory foam pillow is strong but it is not enough to keep warm. The cervical part is easily got cold and causes stiff neck, neck muscle spasms, etc.

Memory foam can become unstable because of seasonal weather. It is soft during summer and it becomes stiff during winter.

Casablanca designs two layers pillow with down and memory foam, to merge the advantages of both materials and complement each other.

The design is awarded the exclusive patent.
More Information
Type Pillow
Brand Casablanca
Fabric Memory foam
Functional Yes
SleepTech No