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CASA-V Soybean Aloe Summer Quilt (VP000SAQ)

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CASA-V Soybean Aloe Summer Quilt (VP000SAQ)

Using soybean meal as raw materials which contain special soybean moisturizing factors and amino acids, the soybean fiber is natural and skin-friendly. By adding Aloe Vera into fibers by unique technology, it offers better sweat absorption and excellent breathability, while also helps regulating the moisture rate on skin surface. With the CASA-V strong 5A functions of Air Purification, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Mite, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Odor, th e quilt gives complete indulgence in skin-friendly and comfortable sleep experience every night.
More Information
Type Quilt
Brand CASA-V
Fabric Soybean Fiber
Functions CASA-V 5A