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CASA-V Milk Protein Quilt (VP000MSQ)

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CASA-V Milk Protein Quilt (VP000MSQ)

Combined new biotechnology with natural material,the new CASA-V Milk Protein Quilt is debuted now for your refreshing “nutritional sleep” experience. The unique milk protein fiber is spun by processing liquid milk in wet spinning technique, bringing you the smoothing soft sleep at night.With the unique patented design of honeycomb-grid lining, the quilt can effectively enhance air flow for better ventilation, while preserving body heat to keep warm at night. Added the strong 5A functions of Air Purification, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Mite, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Odor by CASA-V, it indulges you the new healthy sleep in green style!

Skin-friendly and smoothing - Contains natural protein moisturizing factor, which is skin-friendly to human and prevents the loss of moisture on skin surface when in contact with quilt.

Great moisture absorption and breath ability - the unique patented design of honeycomb-grid lining can effectively enhance air flow for better ventilation, while bringing away the excess moisture for pleasantly dry environment for sleep.

Warm and comfortable - the microporous structure in fiber absorb body heat for better warmth, blocking the cold air outside while keeping warm inside the quilt all night long.

Light and fluffy – Giving a soft and full-bodied feeling for a comfortable and sensational sleep.

Anti- Static – the patented honeycomb-grid structure helps to reduce friction between quilt and quilt cover for lessen the chance of causing unpleasant static.
More Information
Type Quilt
Brand CASA-V
Fabric Milk Fiber
Functions CASA-V 5A