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CASA-V 1200 Threads Long-Staple Cotton Embroidered Series (VA016)

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Long-Staple Cotton Embroidered Series (VA016)

Known as the “Premium of Cotton”, the Long-Staple Cotton Series displays a subtle lustrous sheen with extra softness and high wrinkle resistance property. Along with the elegant appearance and embroidered details, also added CASA-V strong 5A functions of Air Purification, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Mite, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Odor, it is undoubtedly another level of healthy sleep experience in style.

- Premium of Cotton: Well-known of its long fiber and high quality texture.

- Embroidered details: the unique embroidered details added a more layered and vivid patterns to the bedding.

- Natural lustrous appearance: the bedding displays a subtle lustrous sheen like silk.

- Durable and wrinkle resistance: Long-Staple Cotton also is anti-crinkled, durable and anti-pilling.
More Information
Type Bedding Series
Brand CASA-V
Colour White
Shell Long-Staple Cotton
Theme Solid Colour