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Please read the terms andconditions below carefully before using this website or ordering products orservices from Casablanca Hong Kong Limited (the “Company” or “Casablanca”)through this website.

The Company shall endeavor tomake sure that the relevant details, prices and stock availability of products listedon this website are up-to-date and reserves the right to change the prices ofproducts without prior notice. The final confirmation and processing of allorders are subject to the stock availability of the relevant products. In caseof failure to provide any product to the customers due to shortage in supplies,the Company reserves the right to refuse the order or to offer products of thesame type and price as substitute. In case of failure to provide any product orservice in your order, we will inform you by phone or email before your requesteddelivery date.


Registration of Personal Information

You are required to fill out one or moreregistration or application form(s) of the Company through this website orother methods (for example, at specialty store) before using the productordering services of the Company. 

During the registration, you must:

(i) provide us with accurate, complete and updatedregistration information;

(ii) properly safeguard your personal user name andpassword; and

(iii) authorise us to assume that any person login to our website using your user name and password is either you or persons authorisedby you. If you provide any information that is outdated, false, untrue orincomplete, the Company has the right to refuse your use of product orderingservices of this website. The Company has absolute discretion to refuse theapplication of any new user and to terminate the registration of any user withoutnecessary for providing any reason. By registering, you are making a statement,upon which we are entitled to rely on, that you are aged 18 years or above andcapable of forming a legally binding contract. Should you request to make anychanges to the registered information, please contact the customer servicedepartment of the Company.

Confirmation of order

Once a customer places an order successfully, anemail will be sent to the email address provided by the customer to confirmthat we have received the order. Such email does not constitute a commitment todelivering the product items as ordered.

We reserve the right to reject or cancel an orderfor any reasons at our sole discretion.

Title and RiskResponsibilities

The Company shall retain the title of products untilfull payment has been received from customer. All risks in relation to theproducts shall be transferred to the customer upon delivery. We accept noliability for any loss caused as a result of goods left unattended outdoor atthe customer’s request. The Company accept no liability to users or any thirdparties for any failure in providing the services or products requested by you asa result of any events beyond the control of the Company, including acts ofGod, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government policies, strikes and custom seizure.


Prices and Payment

The Company shall endeavor to make sure that the prices,details and sizes of products published on the e-shop are accurate. However,the Company reserves the right to change the prices and other information of theproducts without prior notice. If a product is listed at an incorrect price,the Company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for such wrongly-pricedproduct. The product prices advertised online by the Company are for online shoppingonly. The price of individual product is subject to adjustment based on marketprices. Prices offered on the website are for reference only. The final sellingprice of product will be subject to the order confirmation issued by theCompany.

Should there be any difference between the order recordedonline and the final sales order issued by the Company, the final sales orderissued shall prevail. The Company may set credit limit for customers from timeto time and reserves the right to set any restriction for sales. Productsordered through the Company may be paid by credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).The Company may change the payment method of Casablanca e-shop at any timewithout prior notice.


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