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Catania 1070 Threads Cotton Satin Jacquard Series (JC164)

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Cotton Satin Jacquard Series (1070 Threads)

Using 100% refined natural cotton, the series gives an excellent comfiness and breathability with zero irritation to skin. With the high density of Satin jacquard weaving, it gives the series amore lustrous sheen and vivid patterns for an upgraded elegant style, while also promising the unforgettable silky-smooth sensation against your skin during sleep.

Naturaland Skin-friendly: 100% natural pure cotton, it gives smoother sensation without causing irritation to skin

Jacquard Weaving: The woven pattern is distinctly detailed and vivid, bringing out anelegant and noble appearance.

Alluring Luster: The high density of Satin weaving gives more lustrous sheen with silky-smooth sensation.

Moisture Absorbent and Breathable: The excellent absorbency and breathability offers a softer touch

Anti-static:The nature of moisture absorbency offers the feature of anti-static, offering a more pleasant sleep experience

* Shell: 1070 threads
* Lining: 900 threads
More Information
Retail Price HKD1,708.00
Type Bedding Set (Pillow Case + Fitted Sheet + Quilt Cover)
Brand Casa Calvin
Colour Beige
Shell Cotton
Theme Solid Colour